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Wood mountain, in that ancient times, here entrenched even look at a piece of the wider world being the largest continent, can be counted as the dominant party of powerful forces, and the forces that, even in today's Daqian world, is still able to be counted as giant, no one dares to have the slightest underestimated. Ji Xuan heard, also smiled and nodded and said:"Twelve teams ah. Dull voice resounded through the sky, the storm surge of spiritual power of touch in that ravaged land and open, it looks like a huge light print sharp, but merely insisted moment, is thoroughly broken jumped off, a breakthrough in light black light handprint print. Dust, animal husbandry, indifferent eyes looked at Chen Xi, who fled, but did not stop the shot. Heard dust, animal husbandry, also froze a moment, immediately nodded with a wry smile, he really is so intended, but he did not think this would be a huge wooden temple ruins to such a degree "It served you, so is also to treasure hunters. Now the situation is indeed becoming more harsh than before. Dust, animal husbandry, could not help but grin, he naturally knows Luo said glass is blood in the face of previous days are his performance seemed pretty good thing. nfl jerseys authentic

" His voice dropped, Los glass and Wenqing Xuan whole body, also has a majestic spiritual power watch, in this mid-air, causing the wind blew. nike nfl jerseys wholesale Such people become partners, that would be perfect, but the same, if and when she becomes an enemy, then it will be very scary, and even animal husbandry and even dust, do not want to have with such an enemy. And it is for sure the war is surprising, when this moment, it is offensive, animal husbandry and dust storm thorough annihilation. Jaap's body, bloody collapsed under the pillars, as if the bones are covered at this time is to give all the jumping broken, stones pressed on his body. Dust, animal husbandry, tilted his head, he looked at Chen Qing, his brow slightly wrinkled, because the latter's face, he could not see the slightest panic. cheap nfl jerseys china Falling out of the middle of his chest.

"Gee, it seems that your state is getting bad ah. So he raised his head, looked at the girl not far from the latter that the original oval face covered with cold, but it is at this time, with an amazing speed reddened up, that big bright eyes, rage like a volcanic eruption. " Wen Qingxuan just looked a trio, is recovered eyes, casually nodded.Next, let me good to play dead now." Wen Qingxuan rosy mouth Yixian, also do not have profound meaning of the Road. nfl jerseys cheap china Swirl spiritual power enveloped come, but in the face when the distance is less than dust, animal husbandry, Zhang Xu of the distance, it suddenly stopped, that empty eyes, also has a flashing light up, hollow sound, mumbling Outgoing:"it is the successor to it?" It was subtle murmur, but also for dust, animal husbandry have hesitated, he found the hospital spirit seems to look to his eyebrows, which has an ancient tree pattern emerge, it was in Lingbaoshan time, white-haired man The old man gave his.


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